I couldn’t be happier

“After having a hysterectomy one year ago I noticed the development of low libido. I also had to wear a panty liner due to urine leakage at times. I was on your website and watched the video about the O shot and decided to come in for a consultation. The combination of the O Shot and Thermiva was very easy. I actually was very relaxed. After the procedure I went shopping.
All I can say is “wow” -I felt in increase in libido the very next day. I have not had to use lubricant before intercourse since the first treatment. I also do not wear pantyliners anymore. I just had my second Thermiva treatment and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Lisa is always staying up to date on the latest procedures to
offer women. She and her staff are down to earth and you feel very relaxed. My husband is so happy I had the procedure.”
-MM, July 2016