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Announcing Renew MediSpa
Why choose one when you can experience several or all of our Body Contouring services!

Before (left) and after (right). No change in diet/weight and no regular exercise.
At Renew, we have been performing body contouring services since 2014. We select the very best technologies as they become available, and as a result we have multiple types of body contouring treatments available. Each has its particular strengths and benefits, and our staff are here to help you make the best choice.

Experience has shown us that most individuals could benefit from more than one type of treatment in order to achieve their goals. We are transitioning our non-invasive, curve enhancing, body contouring services to an exclusive Membership Club.

Beginning this month, you can purchase “Body Contouring Credits” and redeem them over time toward treatment sessions with your choice of our non-invasive technologies.
Special Pricing SculpClub

 SculptClub Elite Reg. $4,750, pay $3,750
 SculptClub Gold Reg. $2,640, pay $2,112
 SculptClub Silver Reg. $1,518, pay $1,214
Now through July 31st, 2019
You can redeem your Body Contouring Credits toward multiple sessions of any of the following:
  • EMSCULPT - strengthening, toning and firming muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Build muscle in a way not possible for most with exercise. Proven in multiple clinical studies to build muscle and, in the abdominal region, reduce fat cells. And, this Summer, smaller applicators are due to arrive to enable us to effectively treat the muscles of the arms, legs and back!
  • TruSculpt iD - destruction of fat cells, and skin tightening
  • SculpSure - destruction of fat cells, and skin tightening
  • Viora - firm and smooth the skin, can be used on the face as well
  • Velashape - firming and smoothing, and reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Pelleve - firming and smoothing the skin of the face and neck primarily
Fight Acne, Aging & Dry Skin
New Prolux SkinCeutical Facials & Peels
Beat the summer heat with our new facials, designed to help you fight every avenue; acne, aging and drying.

Book any one of the SkinCeutical facials or peels and receive a 10% discount* through July!
Our invigorating, age defying treatment is going to revitalize and repair even the dullest and tired skin to its former dewy youthful glow. To begin, your skin will be deeply cleansed and exfoliated with a mild gel peel, then gently extracted and massaged. To finish, we will apply a corrective Biocellulose Restorative Masque, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated!
Our enhanced luxury brightening treatment will refine and restore your skin’s natural beauty and radiance. After cleansing, a double exfoliation will help to lift away unwanted sun damage and work to smooth out and soften any hints of uneven skin texture. The treatment will come to a close with a relaxing Vitamin C firming mask paired with customized Vitamin C and anti-aging serums.
Looking to treat persistent acne and congestion? Here is your answer: our Clear Prolux SkinCeutical Facial. This detoxifying remedy will purge your skin of impurities and rebalance the congested skin, resulting in a clear and glowing complexion. One of our customized gel peels will be applied, followed by a thorough extraction, and perfected with a clarifying clay mask to leave your skin smooth and radiant!
SkinCeutical’s Blemish & Age Defense Serum is brilliant when it comes to fighting acne and aging. It not only unclogs pores, controls oil production and exfoliates the skin, it also tones the skin - reducing signs of fine lines.*
Our final Prolux SkinCeutical facial is perfect for all skin types looking for a bit of extra love and attention, especially good for your skin during our hot summer. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, followed by a careful exfoliation and massage. By the end of the hour, the treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and clear, supple and hydrated. 
Each of the Prolux SkinCeutical Facials last 60 minutes and are priced at $150.00. 

Save big! 10% off through July!
Defy the fine lines! This 30% glycolic peel features provides high performance brightening, leaving your skin radiant as ever in just 30 minutes. The supercharged solution includes anti-inflammatory ingredients that will reduce the effects of sun damage and aging. With little to no downtime, this perfect lunchtime peel will bring back your youthful glow.
This peel will help reduce congestion and brighten up your complexion. With a blended peel of glycolic, lactic, salicylic, and mandelic acids, we can treat an array of different concerns with no downtime. If you’re looking for a pick me up this is the peel for you!
Each of the Prolux SkinCeutical Peels last 30 minutes and are priced at $99.00. 

Save big! 10% off through July!
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