September Specials
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Dermal Filler Pre-Buy Special
All Brands

Depending on the type and the formula, dermal fillers are wonderful for softening wrinkles like smile lines, marionette lines, and smoker’s lines.

This image below shows softening of the perioral lines, lip border definition, and improvement in the corners of the mouth achieved by Dr. Vuich this week utilizing one syringe of Restylane dermal filler.

This special is offered only twice a year so don’t miss out! It’s EASY to take advantage of this savings:

  • No need to select a particular brand at this time, that is determined at your appointment 
  • Applies to ALL brands we carry
  • Purchase now and use at any future date, no expiration! It’s like having filler “in the bank” to use when you are ready
  • Limited offers so act fast - due to the deep discount, we are limiting this to the first 30 clients who click or call to purchase

Buy one get one half off - 2 syringes for $883.50

(Reg. $589 each; Bellafill 2 syringes for $1,275, Reg. $850 each)

You asked, we listened
Our Membership Program begins in October
Enjoy Savings All Year!
For a limited time, to celebrate the opening of our new facility, you can join now AND receive your Membership Fee back in 'Spa Dollars'!
Your Own Spa Savings Plan
Over the years, many clients have asked about the possibility of a Membership Program that would allow them to set funds aside on a regular basis, and give them access to exclusive deals.

We are now pleased to announce that we are switching to a software program that will allow us to offer you exactly those options at Renew.
It’s very simple!
As a Member, you elect to have a monthly amount set aside by automatic withdrawal. These funds are yours to use at Renew at any time during the course of the year, on any services or retail products. 
Are you an Insider, a VIP, or an Elite Member? You choose!

Choose your membership level based on how much you typically spend, and how much you want to save!

Each month you elect to set aside $99, $199 or $299 for your Spa account. Those funds accumulate and are entirely yours to use at Renew.

Additionally, your chosen Membership level gives you a year round discount on all of your regularly priced purchases.

In short, you will no longer have to wait for something to go on special in order to enjoy savings!

$99/mo - $199/mo - $299/mo
Joining as a Member at any level is easy!
Join Now as a Member at any Level and your $149 yearly membership fee will be credited to you in Spa Dollars 

Use the form below to take advantage of this promotion, which ends September 30th. 
After Sept. 30th, the $149 Spa dollars credit no longer applies. Following Membership purchase, our team will contact you to select your Membership Level and set up your automated savings plan. Membership purchase can also be made in person or by phone. 
MINT PDO Brow Lift

This minimally invasive procedure results in a highly effective brow lift - all without a scalpel!

The MINT PDO threads are sterile, absorbable (dissolving) sutures composed of polydioxanone (PDO)- a suture material that has been used by surgeons for decades. These threads are FDA cleared and currently used in 14 countries worldwide. The procedure is done through local lidocaine injection of the skin.

Dr Lisa has spent years performing and teaching thread lifting techniques. See our Patient’s before and after images below. The results speak for themselves!

For a limited time, save on the MINT BROW LIFT procedure - Special $875 (Reg. $975)

(Purchase in person or by phone during the remainder of September, schedule procedure any time/any month after purchase)

PLUS - Upgrade your MINT Brow Lift with Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP) and get Smoothing Threads Free! (a $400+ value!)

PRP is used successfully in both rejuvenation and in slowing down the aging process by utilizing the power of your own growth factors, obtained through a simple blood draw at the time of your procedure!

Adding PRP allows us to treat the entire peri-orbital region including fine lines of the forehead, crow’s feet and under eye areas (tear trough).

Add PRP to enhance your Eye Rejuvenation, for just $525, and we will include additional Smoothing Threads for fine line treatment of the forehead AND entire eye region! (a $400+ value, free with your add on PRP purchase)

Valid to 31 September 2019. You can pre-buy for use at any time during the year.
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