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Medical-Grade Skin Care Products in Derry

You might be surprised to learn many modern skin care products fall short of their well-advertised efficacy. They may produce limited results on external layers of your skin, but prove inadequate because they don’t have enough of the active ingredients, or the quality and chemistry of the active ingredients may not be sufficient to penetrate the skin’s epidermis and reach the deeper layers of tissue. A good example of this is retinol. If the retinol molecules are too large, they will not penetrate into the dermis. Alternatively, if they are engineered properly and “micronized” they are able to penetrate much deeper and thus have the desired clinical effect.

Additional reasons why over-the-counter skin-care products may fall short include:

  1. These products are manufactured for general population. For example, if a skin care product is produced to treat oily skin, it is made just strong enough to provide some relief without negatively affecting consumers with sensitive skin.
  2. These products rely on self-diagnosis. Most consumers buy products without the professional advice of a physician, so the products can’t be so powerful that they inadvertently damage their skin.

“In my experience, one of the biggest issues with over-the-counter skin care products has to do with concentration of the active ingredient. Many products will claim to contain retinol, yet they do not have anywhere near the 0.25 to 1.0% strength which is what we consider to be necessary for them to work well for the clients who most need the results. They may be “okay” for the younger client who really doesn’t have much to treat, but do absolutely nothing for the client looking to truly replace lost collagen in a visibly noticeable way.” says Dr. Vuich. “The same is true with antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin C. In the ‘Medispa World’ we expect to see concentrations of 10 to 20% for Vitamin C, which is far, far above the content of the typical product found in department stores and malls. Antioxidants can also be unstable, so if they are not in the right vehicle they will oxidize and lose any effectiveness they may have once had. Skin care, or as we say ‘cosmeceuticals’, is an easily confusing and insufficiently regulated arena.”

– Dr. Lisa Vuich

Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Deliver Results

At Renew MediSpa, we understand that the keys to effective skin care products are consistency, quality and potency. Our skin care products contain powerful and effective active ingredients, and they have the formulation advanced enough to correct professionally diagnosed skin ailments on the surface and inside the deeper layers of skin tissue.

Renew MediSpa is proud to offer patients a carefully researched collection of skin care solutions. 

“We are not ‘married’ to a single brand the way some practices are. WE have, over the years, researched and used many products from many different companies. Our current skin care lines represent the ‘best of the best’ we have found, with clinically proven results. We continue to research and experiment with different product offerings, and when we find something superior we may phase something else out. Our staff make no commission on product sales as we believe there should be no financial incentive to ‘sell’ skin car, keeping on the best interests of the client’s skin at heart. The hardest obstacle to overcome is skepticism; by the time they see us, our clients have tried literally buckets full of products that made far reaching promises and failed to deliver. They begin to ‘give up’ on topicals. I try to impress upon them that what they do twice a day every day with high quality, carefully selected skincare is just as important as procedures, and will extend the results of their procedures by protecting  their collagen and elastin.”

– Dr. Lisa

Renew Medispa Featured Product Lines:

Dr. Zein Obagi’s latest and greatest lines of clinically tested skin care. Dr. Obagi’s legacy began with his initial quest to explain skin health, which he defines as skin that is naturally smooth, strong, firm, even-toned, hydrated and free of disease. This comprehensive line of products has plans for all skin conditions and all skin types. We turn to this line especially for those with more advanced skin conditions such as significant sun damage or age related changes, rosacea, melasma and acne. When we need to resurface and/or lighten, ZO Medical is our ‘go to’.

Renew Medispa Featured Product Lines:

ALASTIN Skincare™ scientists have developed a patent-pending TriHex Technology™ which is incorporated into both the Procedure Enhancement Systems and the Restore and Renew line and is based upon a deep understanding of the skin’s extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM is a collection of extracellular molecules that provide structural and biochemical support to the surrounding cells in the dermis. A healthy and well-functioning ECM is necessary for the skin’s natural regenerating processes to occur efficiently.

TriHex Technology™ is a proprietary blend of peptides and other key ingredients that enhance the health of the skin by helping to clear the damaged, aged proteins in the skin’s ECM.  The technology also helps to support the production of elastin and collagen, modulate inflammation, facilitate recovery and maintain the overall effect of a rejuvenating procedure over time.

ALASTIN Skincare™ products can enhance procedural results by preparing the skin prior to a procedure and by helping the skin’s natural healing process during the recovery phases for as long as 90 days post-procedure. They are safe for use both before and after procedures which disturb the skin barrier.

Skin Better Science

This is an elegant line of high grade products designed for all skin types. It’s great for younger clients, clients looking to maintain their procedure results, and those with sensitive skin types. Skin Better Science has developed a new form of retinoid (Alpha Ret Overnight- Regular or Intensive) which is very effective yet non irritating, and they are adding new items as well. This is definitely a line to ‘keep your eye on’. It is also simple to use and popular with our male clients.

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