Vampire Facelift – Non Surgical Facelift in Windham

Vampire FaceLift® – Redefine The Way You Age

A Great Non Surgical Facelift Option

If you are telling me that this is not the full result then this is amazing. Look how clear my skin looks. I’m literally blow away. I have no makeup on my face and I can’t get over how smooth my skin is, thank you so much. – July 2015

If you’ve ever thought about a facelift but were too afraid to go “under the knife”, this non surgical facelift procedure may be for you. A younger, more refreshed look can be achieved in less than an hour. This procedure usually combines dermal filler injection and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection. PRP is prepared from the patient’s own blood, obtainined by a simple blood draw at the time of the procedure.

For those who want to keep it “completely natural”, the dermal filler can be skipped with only the PRP injected. Another option is to combine the Vampire FaceLift® with Thread Lifting for additional Lift and even longer duration of result- we call this the Idun Lift.

Dr. Vuich is a licensed provider of the non surgical Vampire FaceLift® and an expert injector with over 12 years of experience in aesthetic injectables. She is one of only a few providers in all of New Hampshire who are certified to perform this procedure. She is also a trainer for the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association, teaching other physicians and nurse injectors how to perform these advanced regenerative procedures.

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