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Vampire Amnion

Dr. Lisa Vuich was the first in New Hampshire to offer this innovative therapy for the treatment of clients with facial aesthetic or sexual wellness concerns.

What is Vampire Amnion?

Vampire Amnion refers to the combination of the patient’s own platelet rich plasma plus donor amnion, injected into an area where tissue regeneration is desired.

The amnion product is obtained by maternal donation from healthy live births delivered via planned C section. It is screened rigorously to rule out communicable disease, and is sterilized further multiple times prior to release as Vampire Amnion for injection. A precise amount (25mg) of amnion is micronized and suspended in sterile saline for injection. This amnion contains many proteins (collagen and growth factors) which support tissue regeneration and healing.

This combination injection can be used for the Vampire Face Lift, the O Shot, the P Shot, the Vampire Wing Lift, and PRP Hand Rejuvenation or Hair Restoration.

Vampire Amnion is an optional “add on” to your platelet rich plasma procedure.

The amniotic membrane or “amnion” is a thin tough sac of membrane that protects the embryo during pregnancy against any injuries that can lead to fetal death. The amniotic membrane is the only tissue designed by nature specifically as a universal transplant, protecting the baby and ensuring acceptance by the mother’s immune system. The membrane itself consists of a combination of tissue layers with protective and therapeutic properties, making amnion a unique membrane in the human body.

Amniotic membrane is rich in collagen and various growth factors that support the healing process.

Human amniotic membrane has been used in medicine for over 100 years, and is now also used to treat difficult-to-heal wounds and soft tissue injuries. When used in surgery, amniotic membrane can be used as a natural biological membrane at the surgical site which aids in reducing inflammation and scarring.

Amniotic membrane is rich in collagen and various growth factors that support the healing process.

Our platelet rich plasma (PRP) procedures produce excellent results either alone (O shot, P Shot) or in combination with other procedures such as dermal filler (Vampire Face Lift), medical microneedling (Vampire Facial), or radiofrequency rejuvenation procedures (Profound, ThermiVa and Geneveve).

The addition of Vampire Amnion might be considered by clients who

  • Are interested in what these additional neonatal growth factors could add to their treatment response (tissue regeneration, healing, collagen production)
  • Are experiencing symptoms that are moderate or severe
  • Are advanced in age, possibly with lower growth factor levels of their own
  • Have responded to PRP in the past but have not reached their ideal level of symptom improvement

How Has Amniotic Membrane been used in the medical field?

How Has Amniotic Membrane been used in the medical field?

Amniotic membrane was first documented in the 1940’s for use in conjunctiva reconstruction and ocular reconstruction. Amniotic membrane has widespread use in the area of eye surgery as a foundation to replace the damaged eye tissue, as a patch, or as a combination of both. Doctors use it to treat a wide range of injury including chemical burns and corneal ulceration.

Difficult-to-Heal Wound Therapy

Amniotic membrane is also used to treat difficult-to-heal wounds, such as burns, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, and other wounds that do not heal properly due to the inflammatory process. The amniotic membrane helps to reduce inflammation, promotes soft tissue healing to help close the wound, and reduces the formation of scar tissue.

Dental Therapy

Amniotic membrane has shown great promise in the area of dentistry to treat gum disease. Amniotic membrane promotes growth of new cells and tissue to replace the tissue lost. By using the therapeutic effects of the amniotic membrane, the patient can avoid having tissue harvested from his/her soft palate to replace the lost gum tissue.

Spine Therapy

Placental tissues are a form of fascia tissue in many respects and fascia is one of the most important covering materials in the body. It serves to protect virtually every structure in the body—bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, organs, the spinal cord and the brain. So when trauma or surgery disrupts that natural, protective fascia covering, amniotic membranes are structurally and by composition, extremely similar if not precise transplants. Ultimately, amniotic membranes are a way of putting all the parts back the way the surgeon found them originally.

How Has Amniotic Membrane been used in the medical field?

In order to donate, the expecting mother must be delivering through a planned Ceasarean (C-Section), and be free of communicable disease. Donation is voluntary, and not financially compensated.

The donor placenta is placed in a sterile container and handled by a telaGen staff person. Donor screening and blood testing is performed for each donation according to strict guidelines set forth by both the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) to guard against any donation that poses a risk of infectious disease transmission.

After the amnion is collected by telaGen LLC (located in Tallahassee, Florida) it is placed in sterile transport. It is then processed by Integogen, LLC (also located in Tallahasse, Florida). A precise amount of amnion is micronized and suspended in sterile saline, including a second sterilization step to ensure safety.

How Has Amniotic Membrane been used in the medical field?

telaGen employs rigorous security protocols and procedures to protect the personal information of both the donor and the recipient, by following strict standard operating procedures developed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). They are also in compliance with obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Vampire Amnion Cost at Renew MediSpa:

The cost of a dose of Vampire Amnion (1cc containing 25 mg of amnion growth factors) is $800.

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