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Transcend Customized PRP Protocol

Transcend PRP Protocol in Windham – Available Only at Renew MediSpa!

What is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy?

PRP Therapy uses growth factors from the platelets of a patient’s own blood to rebuild collagen, revascularize (create new blood vessels), and restore healthy function in specific areas of the body.

Not all PRP is Created Equally

PRP is produced by extracting a volume of whole blood from a patient and then processing it in a centrifuge.  A similar analogy would be extracting pulp from orange juice, whereby the pulp represents the cells and growth factors and the juice represents the plasma/water. Scientific literature has shown that different therapies need different amounts of platelets (or pulp- the “platelet dose”) in order for the therapy to be effective.

Dr. Lisa Vuich is the Chief Physician Liaison, working closing with Bridging Biosciences, LLC to advance the quality of regenerative PRP procedures.

We are working together with a commitment to furthering the research advancements in cell therapy treatments in an effort to make science translatable to the clinical setting. We know our bodies possess incredible capabilities to heal and rejuvenate, but that it is necessary to have the accurate, customized dose.

In other words, there are specific goals for the number of platelets delivered in order for the treatment to be effective. 

What Happens During PRP Injections? What Makes Treatment Effective?

The basic steps of a PRP treatment session are:

  1. You come in for a specific treatment
  2. Your blood is drawn
  3. Your blood is spun down (centrifuged) to separate its components
  4. The portion containing the platelets and growth factors is injected into your area of concern
  5. Treatment is complete

But it’s NOT quite this simple.

Scientifically, many variables can affect the dose of platelets given to you that are largely out of the physician’s control.  Your biology, the centrifuge used, and components within the PRP processing kit are all examples of variables that can influence the number of platelets delivered.  In addition, your platelet counts can vary from one day to the next.  Even things like how hydrated you are and how high your hematocrit runs (your red cell count) will affect the number of platelets in a given volume of whole blood.

One thing is certain, scientific literature has established platelet doses necessary for various PRP therapies to work correctly and provide optimal results. 

Offering the Transcend PRP Protocol in Windham – How It Helps Patients

How does a physician know for sure that they are delivering the adequate therapeutic dose of platelets during your procedure?  In order for a physician to know this answer with certainty, they would need to be using the TRANSCEND PRP Protocol.      

Renew MediSpa is honored to be the first practice in the country to utilize the Transcend PRP protocol.

We pride ourselves in developing a unique and customized dose of PRP therapy for each of our patients utilizing this latest advancement in PRP science.

What is the Transcend PRP Process?

First, we need to determine the volume of blood to be drawn.  In order to do that, we need to know what your platelet count is on the day of your procedure. This is achieved by pricking your finger to obtain a tiny sample of blood which is then analyzed by the VASCO PC100 Platelet Counter; a state of the art device that uses optical technology to accurately and quickly count the number of platelets per nanoliter in your blood sample within minutes!.

From this analysis, the software program will tell us the exact amount of blood to be drawn in order to deliver the optimal therapeutic dose of platelets.

Once the PRP is ready to be injected, we then re-test the concentrated PRP with the VASCO PC100 Platelet Counter to validate that the expected quantity of platelets is present.  This is to ensure we have the proven therapeutic concentration of platelets for the individual therapy,  according to scientific literature, prior to administering our treatments.

At Renew MediSpa, we utilize this protocol for the following procedures:


Your body and biology are different from day to day.  We consider our Emcyte Pure PRP II system to be one of the best available for PRP preparation. The addition of the Transcend PRP protocol enables us to customize your blood draw, and therefore your PRP dose, ensuring optimal treatment delivery.

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