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a special testimonial from an anonymous client
Review submitted October 30, 2020

"Do miracles really happen? In this case they do!

I feel fortunate, blessed, lucky(?) to have found a BRILLIANT Doctor with craftemanship that superscedes the highest of my (sometimes unrealistic) expectations.

I've had countless aesthetic procedures from top notch plastic surgeons in (& around) Boston. The most recent appointments seeking reconstructive work as a result from a severe infection.

This presented a "challange' to the cosmetic surgeons that have worked on me for decades & the ones who succumbed to helping me out only left me feeling more hopeless. These Docs were the BEST of the best & if they can't help me out then no one can- so I thought...

I spent the next several years in hiding. I no longer lived my life- visiting family & friends, doing work I enjoy, etcetera. I refused go out in public. I know others don't care what I look like but nonetheless I do!

It effects the way I speak- my affect, the words I choose & what I say. As well as the activities I do & don't do, my posture, etcetera.

On the rare occasion I did leave home it was out of desperation- seeking out that Doctor who may assist me recovering my face, pre-trauma. I had no such luck until serendipitously I met with Dr.Lisa!

I didn't expect much from her in consequence of my other appointments, but to my surprise she superseded my greatest expectations!

As a result I am now exploring my options for a specialized surgeon that assists in bone loss, nose drop, dental etcetera. I wish Dr Lisa could be that Doctor even if she has no experience!

It's been several years now that I've yet to see other people or able to be myself. Today, as opposed to running & hiding & only (dangerously) hiking in the darkest of the evenings I am going out in the daylight and saying hello to those I'd avoid.

Dr. Lisa, from what she had to work with, made me feel (somewhat) petty again! I looked more natural (ordinary) & less altered. I think she could be considered magician with a medical degree ;)

I still have a long way to go, but the magnificent results gifted by Dr.Lisa consequently gave me the courage to associate with the world again. To proceed with the necessary surgeries from the corrosivity of a potentially lethal infection.

I don't recall ever writing a review, & if or when I did I'd predict it would be a sentence or two. I never fathomed the difficulty I'd have conveying to others just how spectacular Dr.Lisa is without it being a novel!

Needless to say that's how this review began and with a little work I did my best to rid of what could be considered as unnecessary and keep what I'd hope to be the most helpful to the recipient.

I want others to know there is a solution, no matter how large or small that Dr.Lisa could assist you with rectifying your personal aesthetic concerns.

My apology for the verbose review but it wouldn't feel right not to share this gem with you;)"
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