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Membership Savings Plan

Set funds aside monthly and never pay full price again!

Save Up Gradually for What you Want

Pay Less for the Services you Love

Unlock Members Only Benefits- Check out our “Tox Club”!

Why wait for Sales or Promotions when you can save year round?

Our Membership Rewards Program makes it easy to save

Most of us need to budget for the products and services we want, and who doesn’t love a sale! With our Free Membership Savings Plan you don’t need to wait for a sale on the services you desire because you are entitled to discounts year round.

No Membership Fees!

Your loyalty is rewarded at Renew MediSpa. Simply elect to set aside funds each month for your future purchases and you have automatically unlocked your discount pricing

Save Up Gradually

Set aside funds each month to use on future services or purchases at Renew

Pay Less for what you love

Your membership unlocks discounted pricing on all retail products and services at Renew

Members Only Benefits

Some of our deepest discounts are reserved for Members Only

Voted Best of the Best Spas in New Hampshire yearly since 2015!

There are no enrollment or monthly fees to Members.

All of the funds you set aside monthly grow in your Renew account and are ready for you to use on future purchases of Retail Products or Services at Renew, and you never pay full price.

Select your Membership Level

Insider, VIP or Elite-based on how much you plan to budget for your services over time. Not sure where to begin? No problem, we are happy to help! And, you can always change your level at any time with a simple phone call.

Link your account

A credit or debit card is used to fund your Renew Savings account on a monthly basis, you choose the day.

Start Saving Instantly

Enjoy saving towards your treatment goals, while receiving exclusive discounts.

Join at the level that is right for you


Set aside $99 per month and unlock 5% off all regularly priced Retail Products and Services


Set aside $199 per month and unlock 10% off all regularly priced Retail Products and Services


Set aside $299 per month and unlock 15% off all regularly priced Retail Products and Services

Members Only Benefit: The “Tox” Club!*

Join as a Member at ANY level and unlock this exclusive Members Only Purchase: Renew MediSpa Members can purchase 100 units of our most popular wrinkle relaxers: Dysport or Xeomin brand botulinum toxin for only $999. 

Just $9.99 per unit, our lowest pricing ever! The Units can then be used as needed, no expiration, and repurchased at the same low rate when you run out.

*Cannot be combined with any other discount
*Pricing available only to Members at any level
*Dysport or Xeomin only- choice of product made by you at the time of each appointment
*Monthly Membership dollars are not used towards this purchase; this is a separate Optional purchase
*If you are eligible for any Aspire Rewards or Xeomin Xperience rebates at the time of your appointment, those funds will be credited to your account once processed

Self care is a vital part of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Whatever your budget allows, there are ways to enhance your natural beauty at Renew. We consider it an honor to help you Redefine the Way You Age, and strive to offer only the best services and MediSpa experience. It is our pleasure to reward your loyalty, and our honor to serve you.

Laura has Dermal filler twice a year and Dysport wrinkle relaxer every 3 months.

  • Dermal Filler: 3 syringes per year @ $650= $1950

  • Dysport: 50 units per visit @ $15 per unit= $750 x 4= $3000

  • Total projected Spend per year: $4950

Laura joins at the Elite membership level, setting aside $299 per month for herself- $3588 per year

  • She has now reduced her cost of Dermal filler to $1,657.50 (15% off)

  • And her Dysport cost is reduced to $1998 (Tox Club pricing)

  • Total projected Spend with discounts applied: $3655.50

Total Yearly Savings:

And, she can purchase skin care and have additional services such as laser, body contouring, facials and more, all at a 15% year round discount!


*Membership level can be changed at any time, up to twice per year
*Discount applied to retail products or services is calculated based on Membership Level at the time of purchase
*Minimum 6 months consecutive Membership
*No Refunds- any funds in account must be used at Renew MediSpa
*No double dipping- if a product or service is on sale, the lowest price will apply (discount percentages are not additive)
*Requires a Credit Card or Debit card; You may change your source of funding at any time in person or by phone.
*You may suspend your account for up to 2 months once per year if necessary, however, discounts will not apply to services performed while the account is “Inactive”.
*We reserve the right to reverse a discount on a service if in our determination a Member has abused the program terms (ex: Joins to get a discount and then calls to cancel Membership prematurely after the discount has been applied).
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