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Mastering Muscle: 6 Strength Conditioning Experts Weigh In

No training regimen or diet is a one size fits all. But after decades of experimenting, fitness junkies have several options to choose from. No matter what the plan, consistency is the key. Understanding how cortisol, insulin and other hormones work in the body is necessary. Your body needs different stressors so it can adapt and see change. To build muscles, stay on the same program for at least three months and keep track of any gains. A well-balanced diet is necessary as well. You can also see the selection at Apex Peptides for products that enhance muscle strength.

Key Takeaways:

  • When one is intended on packing on size and strength, the author confesses that there is no one-size fits all exercise regimen or meal regime.
  • But there is good news for exercise pundits who want to experiment with their bodies because many studies have been done for years towards achieving this.
  • The best exercise advice that one can give to someone meaning to increase his size and strength is to be consistent in doing exercises.

“Knowing that we have the power to make the ultimate changes to our bodies by simply making a decision is very commanding. It should inspire us to learn more and educate ourselves on what that simple change in our lives can be.”

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