IV Nutrition

Renew MediSpa is proud to be adding IV Nutrition this Fall, a unique way to directly nourish and replenish your body. Our IV Nutrition treatments can deliver a powerful cocktail of nutrients directly into the bloodstream, giving you an instant boost. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy while the IV Nutrition’s 45-minute treatment nourishes your body.

IV Therapy has been used in hospitals and doctors for decades to help treat a wide variety of ailments. With our IV Nutrition, you can nurse an ailment or make sure you’re in the best shape possible for an important event.

Before your treatment, our physician or nurse specialist will consult with you to make sure you’re the right candidate for an IV Nutrition treatment, and help you select the most beneficial treatment based on your needs.

Cold and Flu Remedy

An achy body, congestion, and dehydration–there’s so much more to a cold or the flu than a sniffling nose. This type of IV nutrition delivers a day’s worth of hydration in a short time, as well as a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to reduce inflammation and give your immune system the proper boost to fight off your sickness.

Migraine Therapy

A migraine goes way beyond a headache: along with a pounding headache, a migraine can make someone feel incredibly sick and sensitive to light. Renew MediSpa offers an IV Nutrition treatment that’s designed to help relieve the pain and dehydration associated with these headaches.

The Hangover Remedy

Feeling thirsty, sore, and just plain crummy after a night out? Our hangover remedy delivers precious hydration with electrolytes, soothes aching heads with non-narcotic pain medication, and settles stomachs with anti-nausea medication. While this isn’t a quick-fix or cure-all for a hangover, this IV nutrition is the pick-me-up you need to get yourself out of bed and face the day.

For Flawless Skin

Nourish your skin from the inside-out with this IV Nutrition formula that’s filled with precious vitamins, anti-inflammatory substances, and antioxidants essential for clearing and revitalizing the skin. With this IV infusion, you can look forward to clearer, more luminous, and younger-looking skin.

Business Boost

Have a big day ahead at work? This IV nutrition formula combines a special cocktail of energizing B vitamins, stress-controlling vitamins, and hydrating fluid to give you the proper hydration and energy to take on long conferences and countless meetings.

Don’t Stress

It’s one big cycle: an unhealthy lifestyle can make you stressed, while the experience of stress releases hormones that lead to high blood pressure, belly weight gain, fatigue, and bad moods. With this IV therapy, you can brighten your mood and relax thanks to calming, mood elevating vitamins and compounds.

The Ultimate Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C can help with everything from skin protection, anti-inflammation, antioxidants, and strengthening the immune system. That means that a proper balance of Vitamin C can do more than give you a healthy boost—it can also help restore youthful luster and glow in your skin. With this kind of IV nutrition, you can make sure you have the proper levels of one of the most crucial vitamins of all time.

Vitamins and Vitality

Feel like you’re not getting the proper nutrients? This IV infusion delivers the most crucial vitamins directly into your bloodstream—ensuring complete absorption in the body. This IV nutrition treatment can also be customized to help give you the proper balance of essential nutrients.

Women’s Relief

Feel like your body turns against you during your time of the month? This IV infusion is essential for every woman whose life is disrupted every month with painful cramping, mood changes, fatigue, and bloated.

Jet Lag Juice

This IV nutrition formula is perfect for the weary traveler; this treatment contains nourishing liquid and non-narcotic painkillers to hydrate your tissues, energize you, and soothe aching necks and backs. To help you get a move on after a long day of traveling, this treatment also offers energizing B vitamins and immune system protection.

After Workout Recovery

Make the best of your after-work out cooldown with this IV nutrition formula designed to help you recover from an intense workout. Containing essential compounds like potassium and glucose, this formula can help ease lactic acid buildup while helping your muscles recover and rebuild.

Our diverse collection of specially-designed formulas for IV nutrient allows our patients to target and treat a wide variety ailments. Whether you’re seeking the perfect pick-me-up for a special day or treating a hard-to-treat condition, Renew MediSpa has the perfect IV infusion for you. Contact Renew MediSpa now, for a consultation.