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‘I Tried Microblading—Here’s What Happened’

One blogger took it upon herself to undergo microblading, which is a cosmetic procedure in which small amounts of pigment are added to your natural brow in order to create a fuller appearance. The endeavor ended up being a success, but the writer warns that anyone who is looking to get their eyebrows microblading in the summer months should probably wait. This is because any sweat or moisture can end up permanently altering your results if your eyebrows are exposed to either right away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Her eyebrows have bothered her her whole life in a deal with them kind of way.
  • She was intrigued by microblading, which is a procedure where pigment is dyed onto your eyebrows.
  • The pigment could fade if you sweat or work out seven days after microblading.

“I wish 7th grade me knew that Cara Delevingne and Lilly Collins would someday make a big brow cool.”

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