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Heart Disease in Women: It’s More Common than You Think

There are plenty of women out there who suffer from heart disease or have a good chance of suffering from it in the future. It is something that is very difficult for them to accept as it can signify a lot of different things. If you have had someone with heart problems in your family, make sure that your genetics are good and that you are not putting yourself in danger. However, these issues can actually be minor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people are more prone to this due to the genetics that come from their family.
  • If you have any inclination that you have had this in your blood line, go get looked at.
  • Some individuals panic when they hear about this stuff but the truth is many people can deal with it.

“Taking care of your heart means understanding your own risk. Heart disease in women comes with different risks and warning signs than heart disease in men.”

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