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Future Self: Confirmation Bias and Making Life Choices | NirandFar

Making sure that you make good choices in your life can be such a big difference within your life. There are plenty of people out there that do not know how to make good choices. No matter how hard they try, they are simply not able to make good choices. They struggle to avoid things that are bad for them no matter how easy it may seem to other people. With that being said, many still do not learn.

Key Takeaways:

  • You are the only one who can change your own life for yourself and that is final.
  • Some people look too much for someone else to help them in a situation.
  • Making sure that you are working hard and doing the right thing is the best thing to do.

“Your eyes instantly zoom onto the fit model-esque people chatting in the corner. As you walk past them, your ears pick up the tinkle of laughter. My god, are they laughing at me?”

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