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Everything you need to know about microblading from someone who’s had it

Microblading is the new cosmetics craze that involves making the eyebrows appear fuller, bushier and richer by using a tiny blade to make many equally tiny scratches in the skin. These minuscule scratch marks are then combined with a dye to complete the process. It can be uncomfortable, but it generally lasts around 18 months, with the exact longevity dependent on individual factors. A reputable, professional microblading session will generally start at no less than £300, and this is one area where finding the cheapest option often doesn’t turn out well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using a very precise needle-like blade, small light scratches are made on the skin to replicate hairs (whereas tattooing and henna stamp out blocks of dye).
  • When done properly, microblading should last up to 18 months after the initial session. Fading tends to happen faster with oilier skin types and extended sun exposure.
  • They always looked good throughout the healing stage, but definitely changed subtly week to week.

“While bushy, boyish brows seem to be the trend that’s never going away, it’s not so easy to fake them that way every morning and trust they’ll last until you get back home.”

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