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Dermal Fillers

Featuring the RHA Collection-the latest advancement in dermal filler technology in more than a decade, available only at select practices

Maximal Comfort

Our injection techniques focus on reducing injection-related discomfort

Natural and Long Lasting Results

The finest injectable products, expertly delivered to restore what has been lost due to aging

Safely Delivered

Rest assured that safe injection technique is our #1 Priority

Regain A More Youthful Appearance without Looking Unnatural

Let our experts help you navigate the many available choices, and rest assured you are making the right decision for your specific needs and concerns

There are many factors which can influence your experience with dermal fillers. Why risk a negative experience due to poor communication, suboptimal product selection or an inexperienced injector? At Renew MediSpa our expert staff are focused on evaluating your expectations and needs, and guiding you to make the best and most informed decisions about dermal filler product selection and placement. Put our aesthetic eye plus your goals together to create the ideal treatment and maintenance plan, and start aging more gracefully than ever before.

Restore lost volume and start looking more like “you” again

So often we hear our clients say “I look tired, I just don’t look like I feel anymore.” or “I don’t even recognize the face in the mirror sometimes!” If sun damage and age related changes in facial volume have you looking older than you feel, dermal filler may be part of the solution to restore a younger looking you.

More youthful contours restored

You’ll look younger right away!

Natural in motion

Our featured products, the RHA Collection, focus on resilience and stretchability, making them move naturally during facial expression. There’s no need to look “over-filled”!

Long Lasting

The RHA collection of dermal fillers has proven clinical effectiveness and studies showing duration at 15 months and possibly beyond
“Thank you thank you thank you! I woke up this morning and I love how you fixed my face – everything is even and smooth. Jim says I look great, I cant thank you enough!”
– B.T. OCTOBER 5, 2016

The excellence of Swiss science is now available in the U.S.

In 1993, while still in her 20’s, Valerie Taupin founded her own company distributing breast implants, lasers, and medical devices to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. By the year 2000, in association with a specialist Ophthalmology company, she created the dermal filler called Juvederm®, which she went on to export to over 50 countries worldwide. Three years later she left and started TEOXANE® Laboratoires in Geneva, Switzerland. In subsequent years her focus has been on mastering research, complete monitoring of the manufacturing processes, strict quality control, and creating dermal fillers with an elegant and natural look and feel in addition to long lasting effect.

Her award winning RHA Collection of dermal fillers was available in Europe for 5 years prior to being launched in the US in 2020. This truly “Designer Filler” is available at only select practice locations which have been chosen based on injector quality and experience.

Valerie Taupin, CEO & Founder, TEOXANE® Laboratoires, Switzerland

Today, TEOXANE® is ranked among the top hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler manufacturers worldwide and has sold more than 14 million syringes of dermal fillers in over 90 countries.

We want to redefine the way you age

Here’s how to get started:

Book a Consultation

Let our experts help you sort through and prioritize your concerns, evaluate you options, and develop a short and long term anti-aging plan that fits your preferences and your budget.

Schedule Your Treatment

If you’ve determined that dermal filler is part of your plan, let us deliver the best experience possible and answer any other questions you may have.

Enjoy the Compliments

It feels great to receive them, and to look in the mirror and see the best, most refreshed version of you staring back!

Not all Dermal Fillers are Created Equal

Have you ever wondered how we select which dermal filler to use, and for which indications? It’s all about the balance of Stretch and Strength, and the characteristics of the area being treated.

A lot goes into that decision, including :

  • The type of issue being addressed and the condition of the skin- ex: fine lines, skin folds, skin quality, degree and location of volume loss

  • The movement that will occur in the region needing correction- the closer you are to a dynamic/moving area such as the mouth, the more critical it is that your dermal filler have the flexibility to also move naturally during facial expression. A dermal filler that is too stiff or not placed ideally can appear unnatural and “sausage like” or “bumpy”, as well as cast unwanted shadows under different lighting conditions. The RHA collection in particular has been designed to be resilient enough to adapt to this facial movement, yet produce long lasting correction which stands the test of time.

The Dermal Filler that looks the most like your own Hyaluronic Acid

The RHA Collection® uses a gentle manufacturing process with few chemical modifications.

It represents the latest advancement in hyaluronic acid technology in more than a decade, creating injectable products which most closely resemble the natural HA in your skin. This might be expected to reduce the likelihood of adverse stimulation of the immune system- to date we are aware of no nodules or granulomas being reported with use of the RHA Collection® of dermal fillers.

Take the guesswork out of your aesthetic service choices!

Your injector is an artist – selecting that person is perhaps your most important decision when considering a dermal filler. As Dr. Lisa loves to say, “Worry more about who is holding the syringe than you do about what is in the syringe!” The ideal dermal filler experience is created when an expert injector understands your goals, communicates well with you, and delivers a carefully selected product with the very best technique.

This is not a time to “fly blind”, choose impulsively or chase a bargain. We look forward to helping you make the best decision possible and maximizing your anti-aging results.

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