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Why Do People Smoke?

From a young age, kids are taught that smoking is very bad for you. It is no secret that smoking is bad for you and it can lead to some terrible health issues down the road. However, it is consistent as we see kids and young adults turn to smoking. People do it for a variety of reasons. Some do it...

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5 common myths about nutrition (and the truths)

There is a lot of outdated information circulating about nutrition. Here are 5 myths that do not seem to go away. Fat is not necessarily bad for you, In fact, your body needs some of it. Carbs are not inherently bad by themselves, just do not overeat them. Bread should not be dismissed as one of...

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Embracing Your Flaws And All – Personal Growth Magazine

As someone who is trying to better themselves in all aspects, it comes from looking at yourself in the mirror first. You need to see what it is that you need to change. No one is going to change it for you. Personal growth comes from within and there is no one else who can help you if you do not...

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Grandma and Garlic – Kate Benzin – Medium

Grandmothers usually are not up to date with the modern world and all of the things that go with it. They are usually stuck in their ways and consider their way to be the best and only way to progress in life. That is the mentality of many of the elderly in the world. However, times are changing!...

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Let Go of Perfectionism with These 3 Shifts

No one can ever be perfect. Perfect is something that you should try to be but understand that you can never be. Everyone has their own opinion over what is perfect and what it is that they want to accomplish in their lifetimes. Being an efficient, productive worker can mean that you are perfect...

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A Practical Guide to Being Present – Simply + Fiercely

When you are living, it is sometimes hard to remember that you should live in the moment. The one thing that you cannot get back in life is the time that you spent on one particular thing. Therefore, try to enjoy every experience for what it is and what it teaches you. Learn from all your experiences...

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