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From Hell to Healing

In 2009 I sold a private Internal Medicine practice that I had spent 7 years developing to a local hospital, in order to focus my attention more completely on aesthetic and regenerative medicine. In the decade since then, I will occasionally be asked if I “miss” traditional medicine. The good news...

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Dr. Lisa Vuich Discusses Sexual Health

Better Sex Through Sound Waves Does a relationship need great sex to flourish, or are those who enjoy the best sexual experiences just “lucky”? Over the past 20 years, sexual health has no doubt become a hot topic. Two decades ago the word was taboo, now it’s hard to watch an hour of TV or surf the...

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It’s Neck-vember—Leave the Turkey Neck for the Birds!

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients is their concerns about the appearance of their jaw line and neck. Loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, coupled with some facial volume loss due to age, come together to give a loose and sagging appearance that cause us to look older,...

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School of “Tox”

Have you ever wondered how a nurse or physician begins an aesthetic practice, or how they get trained on how to become an aesthetic injector? We get this question often at Renew MediSpa, from both healthcare providers and the public. Years ago aesthetic injections were provided primarily by what are...

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