Why Are Migraines More Common With Women Than Men?

Many people suffer from migraines and more of than not, they are women. Additionally, 25% of all women will suffer from a migraine at some point in her life. Some reasons may be hormonal fluctuations. Estrogen can amp up pain. Likewise, once a month, women’s bodies are flooded with prostaglandins which are inflammatory in nature…. Read More »

Dr. Vuich Featured in New Hampshire Women Magazine!

Dr. Lisa Vuich was interviewed for the article titled, “Lady Boss: Local Bussiness Rockstars Site Down With NHWM” in New Hampshire Women Magazine. She discusses her journey into becoming a lady boss and the challenges she has faced, along with the many rewards. You can read the full article here.

9 Reasons Hair is Breaking | Hairstyle on Point

Keeping healthy and vibrant hair is something that everyone wants to ensure, and something that many people are willing to go to extended lengths for in order to achieve that result. However, instead of just adding a certain product, there are many ways that you can look at your hair care routine that will ensure… Read More »

Victor’s Top 10 Tattoo Regrets

Laser tattoo removal specialists have seen it all when it comes to people regretting tattoos that seemed like a good idea at the time. One of the most common, of course, is people tattooing the name of a romantic partner and then having a breakup. Fad tattoos such as tribal ones, cartoon characters and band… Read More »