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A Practical Guide to Being Present – Simply + Fiercely

When you are living, it is sometimes hard to remember that you should live in the moment. The one thing that you cannot get back in life is the time that you spent on one particular thing. Therefore, try to enjoy every experience for what it is and what it teaches you. Learn from all your experiences and draw parallels from them as you get older. You will become wiser and a more valuable person to the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key is that you live in the moment while still preparing for the future.
  • Making sure that you are taking steps to secure your future is what living is all about.
  • Some people are selfish and only thing about themselves instead of worrying how they will take care of their kin.

“My overactive imagination works in the opposite direction as well. Sometimes when I think about my future, instead of daydreaming about a better tomorrow, I get caught up imagining worse case scenarios and inventing situations to worry about!”

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