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A guide to using essential oils for snoring

If you are someone who snores really loud to a point where it bothers you and your significant other, then you need to make changes. Snoring issues are very common. While issues are mostly seen in middle aged men, there are some women who suffer from snoring issues as well. If you are one of these people, just know that you are not alone. Now, there are some oils that can be used to ease the snoring.

Key Takeaways:

  • When the tissues of the throat, nose and tongue relax in sleep, a vibrating noise ensues, commonly referred to as snoring.
  • Essential oil of thyme which alleviates respiratory symptoms and aids the nervous system is a good choice for snorers.
  • Fresh and herbaceous, the oil can be used in diffuser or massaged onto the feet with a carrier oil.

“Essential oils can be used to treat snoring on their own or you could use them in conjunction with your usual anti-snoring device.”

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