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5 common myths about nutrition (and the truths)

There is a lot of outdated information circulating about nutrition. Here are 5 myths that do not seem to go away. Fat is not necessarily bad for you, In fact, your body needs some of it. Carbs are not inherently bad by themselves, just do not overeat them. Bread should not be dismissed as one of the bad foods and can be consumed in moderation without weight gain. Eating more often leads to overeating so be careful if you want to boost your metabolism. Finally, detox is not a necessity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not only is fat not bad for you but the right fats should be a part of your daily diet in moderation.
  • The right nutrient-dense, fiber-rich bread can be consumed in moderation without weight gain.
  • Detoxification diets and juice fasts are not necessary in order to cleanse your body and lose weight.

“So many myths exist it’s impossible to bust them all in one go, so let’s start with 5 of the most commonly held food myths out there – and the truth.”

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